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25+ Years of Innovative & Award Winning Digital . . .


Nothing makes us prouder than showing our AMAZING portfolio of work we have produced for our clients. After all proof is in the pudding correct?

We believe so and after 25+ years and literally thousands of productions, we believe we have one of the most impressive portfolios of diverse, Digital Content Productions in Southwest Florida!

We’ve produced everything from $1000 mom and pop productions all the way to multi-million dollar, multi-year productions. We produce in every relevant media channel from Custom Responsive Websites, Online Marketing, Mobile Apps, Custom Software to TV Commercials, Online Videos, Feature Films, TV Shows and complete Audio Productions. The constant in every production project – always delivered on-time, on budget and in award winning, creative & technical form.

As the digital world has changed over the last 25 years so have we. It’s like being a chameleon, changing to the environment surrounding you as we constantly research, plan and implement new technologies to stay one step ahead of the next big trend. This keeps our clients ahead of their competition and allows them to realize greater value with their digital marketing solutions.

We started during the infancy of Computer Graphics in the late 70′s, progressed to Slides & Presentation Graphics in the 80′s, Interactive CD-ROMs & 3D animation in the early 90′s, Motion Graphics & Digital Video Production in the late 90′s, Kiosks -Digital Signage, HD Video & the Internet in early 2000′s, right up to the current Online Interactive Marketing, Apps and Mobile focus.



We Try To Push The Boundaries Of Creativity & New Technology In Every One Of Our Clients Digital Productions. Click The Button Below To Take A Look At Some Of Our Past, Award Winning Productions, On Our YouTube Channel . . . 

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The Past & Future of Communication IS Motion Picture & Sound

Since its infancy in the days of the great, Charlie Chaplin, no man made medium has ignited the human senses to entertain and experience emotion like moving picture and sound.

Today we have the luxury of watching Digital TV, videos and movies of all kinds not only at the local theater, but at home and on the go with a variety of mobile devices streaming this content online to each individual viewer’s desire.

We have come a LONG WAY and “Online Video” is current, Next Generation, Moving Picture & Sound leading the way for today’s digital communications.

Online Videos can include any combination of motion picture and sound mediums, layered to tell powerful and motivating stories to market, promote or educate to your target audience.

Original Video Footage, On-screen Talent, 2D-3D-Cell Animation, Visual Effects, Infographics, Photos, Titles, Music, Professional Voice Over and Sound Effects – the options and possibilities are nearly endless.

As a result today, Online Video is the fastest growing and most effective area of online marketing by a huge margin.

Did you know 1 minute of video is equal to 1.8 million words? That YouTube has over 2 billion unique video views per month and is the second largest search engine behind Google? Or that by 2017, 90% of all internet traffic will be Online Video?

Today, there is not a more entertaining and effective way you can communicate your product, service or brand than Online Video.



Here are a few recent samples of our online videos.



Voice of McDonald’s


Armed Forces Vacation Club

“L2 Productions prides itself with deep roots in all forms of moving picture & sound production. Our talented team of veterans can take you from script to screen, on time and on budget, guarenteed.”

Are you looking for Instructional Videos that won’t bore your audience to sleep and actually make them excited to use your product ?

How about Web and App demos that fly off the screen with amazing animation, visual effects, sound fx and voice over perfectly blended to communicate technical content in record time & entertainment?

How about a Web commercial that provides television & feature film quality cinematography and imagery to generate powerful emotions to pull your audience deeply into your desired message?

L2 is here to help you grow your business using effective digital marketing.