L2 Productions newest 3D scanning & interactive tour technology is revolutionizing the way home listings are presented online to buyers where 91% begin their search process.

Utilizing the Matterport 3D scanning camera system we own we are able to capture homes, commercial properties, vacation rentals, new home models, retail stores, museums and any physical spaces you would like someone to be able to “virtually walk through online” 24/7/365 without ever being there. Viewers will be free to look at every detail from floor to ceiling as you interactively walk through properties with a mouse, touch device or Virtual Reality goggles. Spaces are true 3D spaces so you can even take accurate measurements of spaces, print 2D floor plans, add notes, learn more about unique features through information “tags” and this is just the beginning of this new technology.

Imagine allowing out of state or out of country, hot buyer locations to “virtually” walk your home listing online in full 3D space in HDR photographic quality without having to fly out. Imagine no more as this is today’s reality with L2 Productions. Call us today to get your home scanned & interactive tour online fast. Your completed tour will be viewable on smartphones, tablets & desktops with the same fast, consistent playback unlike the old “panoramic photo stitched” 90′s based technology some are still calling virtual tours.

This represents the very state-of-the-art in 3D computational HDR photography & interactive Virtual Reality services.

View this interactive example property we recently produced for Realtor@ Donna Campbell with Right Choice Realty:

1295 Wales Dr, Fort Myers, FL 33901

Watch this video to see how Million Dollar Listing star Realtors® The Altman Brothers are using Matterport for a huge advantage over their competitors.

How the Altman Brothers use Matterport