L2 Productions in a partnership with Michael S. Ojeda produced a low budget feature film titled “Avenged” which has now been released in theaters and is available direct digital to homes everywhere via Amazon Video, Comcast, Red Box, iTunes and many other distributors through Uncork’d Entertainment.

The film was produced for under $500k using our Red Epic digital cinema camera shot in 5k in an old miner town in the middle of the mojave desert. The films ambitious action cinematography & visual effects are a testament to what can be achieved today by master film makers with the latest in low cost, digital cinema & software technology.

With an 86% rating on rotten tomato & numerous film festival awards from Stiges in Spain to Busan in Asia – you owe it to yourself to rent or buy a copy of this  intense supernatural genre morphing slice of creative cinema. Created by our very own master film maker, Michael S. Ojeda who you can hire through L2 Productions for your next video, TV commercial or other cinematic production.

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